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With our country facing a continued barrage of inequity for the large majority of individuals living in the US today, we must make sure that more of us obtain a college degree.  No one can ever take away the knowledge. passion and beliefs we develop during that journey.  And we need all of us to fulfill that dream in order to create the beautiful, competent, compassionate and creative world in which we all want to live and grow.   

With the decrease in counseling in our traditional schools and the increasing complicated process for applying to colleges, there is a need for students and families to have an opportunity to confide in a professional who is available to support them through their educational journey.  With over four generations of college graduated, We are proud of keeping the tradition alive.  And we believe that with over 4000 US colleges and universities, there is a seat for YOU.  And we want to help you get there AND cross the finish line with a college degree!

 We support students and families striving to complete a college degree.  Our programmatic vision is based on our long history and experience in the educational sector — admissions, to college counseling to college access.    

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WHO are we? - Coach, Mentor, Counselor


With over four generations of college graduates, we are proud to keep the tradition alive.  We believe with over 4,000 colleges in the United States, there is a seat for YOU!  We want to help you be get prepared, be admitted and cross the finish line.

From private school to charter schools, and from Los Angeles to Cambridge, Santa Clara to Richmond and  Oakland,  we have a breadth and depth of experience.  We have spent nearly three decades building relationships with a variety of colleagues and organizations to help families and  students realize their vision. 

Sherry Smith has great empathy and deep understanding for generational differences, ethnic, class, gender and religious identities.  Given our mult-ethnic family we fully understand the complexities of those who are starting the college journey for the first time.

Sherry A Smith, the founder and principal has participated in three decades of work at the national, regional and local level with groups such as NACAC, WACAC, College Board, NPEA, NCAN and Courageous Conversations.  She has worked in educational environments that served preschoolers, primary, middle and high school students as well as college students of all ages.  Sherry believes that a college degree is something that ALL who wish to can obtain.

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SASHED is committed to providing guidance, support and coaching toward gaining a college degree


Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of of a college degree for all who seek one.  SASHED meets you where you are and helps you make a road map for you to reach your educational goals.

We will work with individual students, groups of families, community groups and schools to assist in making the road to a college degree possible and sustainable.   From choosing the right K- 12 school communities, understanding the finance of school and college, being college ready and preparing for the college application, SASHED will be a partner and guide as you walk along the journey toward your college degree.

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